About me

Hello! I’m Avraam.

First and foremost, I am a dad, which means a significant portion of my energy nowadays is spent trying to convince my son that getting dressed is indeed a good idea. Besides that daily adventure, I’m a passionate software engineering leader. Originally hailing from Greece, I lived and studied in Sweden, but it was too cold, so I decided to move a bit further south, and my love for art brought me to Berlin—still cold, but with better beer.

Over the past 11-12 years, I’ve worked at various companies in Berlin, spanning different industries like Adtech, E-commerce, and Fintech. Throughout my career, I’ve emphasized empathy, swift decision-making, and operational efficiency. I despise waste in any form, whether it’s time or resources.

In my spare time, you can find me writing some Rust (or dabbling with even more obscure programming languages), cheering on Alba Berlin as they heroically lose another Euroleague game, playing/watching football, or indulging in soulslike games to crush my nerves.

I hold an MSc in Computer Science and an MBA, but my real talent lies in getting bored easily, which drives me to constantly seek out new things to learn and master.

Contact me

Email: avr.mav@gmail.com