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Thoughts on rewards as a way to boost productivity

Just some thoughts related to monetary rewards as a way to boost employee performance. Have you ever done an activity that you truly enjoyed until someone else wanted to pay you for the work, where you suddendly stopped enjoying the activity? Have you ever got a bonus about something you did, just to see with great dissapointment that the same activity didn't lead to a bonus the next time you performed it? Have your performance dropped after it?


Working on vacations (as a Lead)

These are some random thoughs/tips, related leadership and working on vacations. If you are team-lead/manager/supervisor/whatever-you-call-it: ...


Compensation does not guarantee motivation

Let's start with a story. A few years ago I was working in a start-up, the company had just started, and we were working on the first ever product. There were hundreds of bugs and performance issues, the server was crashing every few minutes...