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Performance is a requirement

Most of the times as software engineers we are getting requirements that describe the functional scope of a feature. The tickets that we are working on usually look something like: _As user I want to be able to create an account by entering a name and an optional address so that I can start playing the game_. The ticket do not describe the non-functional requirements of the feature. For example, it is a completely different experience if the user is able to type her name quickly versus facing some short of lag:


Faster sampling in PostgreSQL

Many times we want to display some random data to the user, for example if you have an e-commerce website apart from the top products or some list of products that a fancy recommendation system generates, we want to display to the user a list of...


Backpressure for smoother user experience in low-end devices

If you are building applications that consume real-time data you may have faced a situation where the component or service that consumes the data cannot keep up with the volume or speed of the produced data. The **producer** module of the system is emitting data faster than...