The case against event sourcing

Traditionally most applications model the main components of a system as entities and implement mechanisms to create/update this entities in the form of state that is stored in a database. This modeling although is natural (and relatively straightforward to implement) has certain limitations that not every domain is able to accept...


Talking to my son about Micro-frontends

What are micro frontends? What problem they try to solve? Client side patterns, Server side patterns. Composition, Communcation, Performance oportunities and problems. Team boundaries, and...


On cohesion

As the lockdown measures slowly ease, and we are getting back to some short of normality (at least temporarily), I was kinda reflecting on what I did the last months. I became a dad recently, and I was already 1 month at home on parental leave to help my partner and just the moment that I was supposed to return to the office the German government announced the lockdown and thankfully the company I worked for decided to ask us to work from home, so I am...